A Focus on The Lens

Kid Tech is focused on the only thing glasses were meant to protect your children's eyes. 

Most companies focus on fashion or trendy frames. We're focused on the safety for your children. 

With our 60-Day Guarantee, experience the difference...

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Supporting the community

Give back to your Neighborhood School !

With every purchase, you can donate up to 30% of your purchase amount to the school of your choice! During this time of extreme change, the education now than ever needs your support.

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Health Benefits Beyond Better Vision

When you put a pair of Kid Tech glasses on your child, they’ll enjoy  a significant decrease in digital eye strain, enhanced energy from a more restful sleep, and an overall improvement in their total quality of life.

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Give your child the very best blue light protection available on the market

 Kid Tech is guaranteed to reduce the long-term effects of digital devices and we have 60 days to prove it. 

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