Kid Tech Lenses: Medical Grade Blue Light Protection

The Negative Effects of Blue Light are Multiplied for Kids

Studies have shown that for the eyes of young children and pre-teens, computer generated blue light exposure can be especially harmful to their still-developing retinas — especially when your kids get late night screen time.

According to The American Optometric Association, the blue light emanating from cell phones, tablet and personal computer use before bedtime can delay sleep onset, degrade sleep quality and impair alertness the following day.

There are three problems with your children's use of digital devices. 

  1. Their eyes haven't developed the natural defense against blue light.
    You're born with no natural protection against blue light. Children's pupils are larger, allowing more light to penetrate deep into their eyes. It's not
    until nearly 30-years of age that your body has built some protection to blue light.

  2. Shorter arms means the screens are closer and more directly angled in their eye

  3.  Blink rates are reduced when looking at digital devices. 

These three in combination make it a highway for blue light to enter the retina and create long-term effects. 

The Numbers Don't Lie


There have been lots of studies to research the harmful impact of blue light on our eyes, sleep and health. Only a few studies have directly measured the impact of a particular lens. Kid Tech glasses use the only clinically proven lens. See a summary of the studies below. 

  1. A 2017 Medscape study demonstrated that within 5 days of using the lenses from Kid Tech glasses melatonin levels increased by 96% and cognition improved by over 47%.

  2. A 2019 American Association of Clinical Endocrinology showed the lenses used in Kid Tech glasses produced an effect on healthy subjects within 3 hours of wearing them. 

  3. A 2019 study from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine resulted in wearers of the lenses used in Kid Tech glasses to get 45 minutes of additional sleep. Plus, they were able to hit body building REM sleep 35% faster.  

The Kid Tech Advantage


Kid Tech glasses deliver guaranteed protection against the negative effects of blue light exposure for kids aged 7-15, the most critical stages of the development for their young eyes.

We’re so confident, we have a 60-day guarantee.