Well first off, we're the first and only company to bring the flexibility of frames made for high-functioning kiddos on the spectrum with the protection of premium blue-light blocking technology.

Kid Tech comes from a personal place. One of our two founders actually is like many of you with a child on the spectrum. His only son. He wanted to give his son an all-in-one solution to protect his son's eyes from his consistent screen time while being safe & made from the best material available on the market. 

With some work doing some ethical sourcing, Kidtech was born and not only safe for his son but it was virtually kidproof!

Parents with children on the spectrum don't always want to talk about the bad days but they do come and Kidtech withstood the test of time against any and all episodes! Kid Tech is finally one less thing fighting against your child when you're truly doing the best that you can to help them succeed.

Let's talk materials... 

Our Kid Tech Signature Frames, "Science", come made from complete silicone making them super-pliable and the entire frame is metal free!

But that's not really the best part. The lenses are made with, not a coating but, a fully insulated blue-light blocking material that absorbs the worst blue light rays. So again, the blue light rays don't just bounce off like the cheap competitors, they're completely absorbed by the lens for your kiddo's full protection.

From our home to yours

Our other founder realized that this wasn't just a solution for his son but could be for thousands of parents looking for the best materials and solutions for their children. Kid Tech was built too well to just be something we held on to. So we made them affordable too.

So let's go over these benefits again... 

  • Made from silicone: which means it doesn't absorb any bacteria, germs, sweat or anything else. It absorbs nothing making it one of the easiest materials to keep clean, especially now with our new normal being hypervigilant against the nasties.

  • Silicone is also super-pliable meaning they bend but don't break. Better & more true than bamboo. 

  • Kid Tech absorbs blue light rays for full protection. Did we forget to mention, while other companies usually just block, we also absorb the highest & most harmful rays (400-450nm) that can affect a growing, more vulnerable child's eyes & ultimately damage irreparably. 

  • We're the best balance of quality for price. Most blue light glasses for kids may be cheap elsewhere but so is the material. Other flexible frames are also quite expensive for high-functioning children but Kid Tech is the only solution with the best quality frames and highest quality lenses for a quality (dare, we say affordable) price.

  • & All Kid Tech frames come with a 60 day money back guarantee.


    So Why Kid Tech? We'll let you say it...